About Strandingsmuseum St. George

Our last opening day is August 16 2015, then we close for a big rebuild and reopen a major new museum in 2017.


The North Sea has always seen much navigation and the west coast of Jutland has always been dangerous. Through the centuries many ships have suffered shipwreck here causing severe loss of life and money.

One of the biggest shipwrecks of all times took place on this shore, when the two British ships of the line HMS St. George and HMS Defence were wrecked in 1811, with a loss of about 1.400 men.

Off the west coast of Jutland the biggest naval battle in history, the Battle of Jutland, took place in 1916 during World War I with a loss of almost 8.000 men in just one day.

A ship is a society in miniature. A ship and everything in it reflects everyday life, culture and technical standing of its home country. The thousands of wrecks in the North Sea area tell histories of individuals as well as of nations.

The many artefacts from the HMS St. George and other wrecks, the words and photos illustrate the dramatic events of  world history as well as the everyday life along the west coast of Jutland.

Children under 18 years are admission free.